City Management and Urban Policy

Ranked in 2012, part of Public Affairs

City management and urban policy programs prepare students for urban planning, urban design, community development and policy analysis. These are the best public affairs schools for city management and urban policy programs.

Rank School name
#2 Arizona State University

Phoenix, AZ

#2 Cleveland State University (Levin)

Cleveland, OH

#15 Florida State University (Askew)

Tallahassee, FL

#12 Georgia State University (Young)

Atlanta, GA

#16 Indiana University—​Bloomington

Bloomington, IN

#16 New School (Milano)

New York, NY

#2 New York University (Wagner)

New York, NY

#5 Northern Illinois University

DeKalb, IL

#16 Portland State University (Hatfield)

Portland, OR

#11 Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey—​Newark

Newark, NJ

#10 Syracuse University (Maxwell)

Syracuse, NY

#12 University of Delaware

Newark, DE

#9 University of Illinois—​Chicago

Chicago, IL

#1 University of Kansas

Lawrence, KS

#19 University of Minnesota—​Twin Cities (Humphrey)

Minneapolis, MN

#14 University of Nebraska—​Omaha

Omaha, NE

#6 University of North Carolina—​Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, NC

#8 University of North Texas

Denton, TX

#19 University of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA

#7 University of Southern California (Price)

Los Angeles, CA

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