Law School Diversity Index

Ranked in 2014, part of Best Law Schools | Law School Diversity Index Rankings Methodology

The diversity index is based on data collected by U.S. News. The methodology used to compute the index was published in a 1992 article by Philip Meyer and Shawn McIntosh in the International Journal of Public Opinion Research. For the purposes of this index, students classified as ethnicity unknown/unreported were counted as white.

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School name Diversity Index Largest minority and its proportion
Yeshiva University (Cardozo)

New York, NY

0.44 Hispanic, 10%
University of Baltimore

Baltimore, MD

0.43 African-American, 12%
George Washington University

Washington, DC

0.43 Asian-American, 12%
University of North Carolina—​Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, NC

0.43 African-American, 7%
Mississippi College

Jackson, MS

0.43 African-American, 14%
Wake Forest University

Winston-Salem, NC

0.43 African-American, 13%
University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame, IN

0.42 Hispanic, 11%
Lewis & Clark College (Northwestern)

Portland, OR

0.42 Hispanic, 9%
Michigan State University

East Lansing, MI

0.41 African-American, 8%
New England Law Boston

Boston, MA

0.41 Hispanic, 8%
University of Connecticut

Hartford, CT

0.41 Asian-American, 10%
Georgia State University

Atlanta, GA

0.41 African-American, 11%
Mercer University (George)

Macon, GA

0.41 African-American, 11%
Loyola University New Orleans

New Orleans, LA

0.41 African-American, 10%
The Catholic University of America

Washington, DC

0.40 African-American, 11%
Faulkner University (Jones)

Montgomery, AL

0.40 African-American, 18%
University of Arizona (Rogers)

Tucson, AZ

0.40 Hispanic, 9%
Stetson University

Gulfport, FL

0.40 Hispanic, 12%
University of Michigan—​Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor, MI

0.39 Asian-American, 10%
Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey—​Camden

Camden, NJ

0.39 Hispanic, 9%
Louisiana State University—​Baton Rouge (Hebert)

Baton Rouge, LA

0.39 African-American, 15%
University of Minnesota—​Twin Cities

Minneapolis, MN

0.39 Asian-American, 10%
Washington University in St. Louis

St. Louis, MO

0.39 Asian-American, 9%
Seton Hall University

Newark, NJ

0.38 Hispanic, 8%
Suffolk University

Boston, MA

0.38 Hispanic, 8%

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