Part-time MBA

Ranked in 2014, part of Best Business Schools | Part-time MBA Rankings Methodology

Balance a job and graduate school through a part-time MBA program. Students often take courses in the evenings and on weekends to earn their business degree. These are the top business schools for part-time MBAs.

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Rank School name Part-time score Peer assessment score (out of 5) Acceptance rate Part-time Enrollment Average GMAT score
#175 University of North Carolina—​Wilmington (Cameron)

Wilmington, NC

30 2.2 77.1% 30
#90 Claremont Graduate University (Drucker)

Claremont, CA

46 3.1 100.0% 28
RNP University of Tennessee—​Martin

Martin, TN

N/A 2.0 N/A 26
RNP Howard University

Washington, DC

N/A 2.1 N/A 25
RNP Pittsburg State University (Kelce)

Pittsburg, KS

N/A 1.6 14.3% 25
RNP University of South Florida—​Sarasota-​Manatee

Sarasota, FL

N/A 1.6 30.0% 24
#146 Utah State University (Huntsman)

Logan, UT

34 2.2 41.5% 21

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